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Moustique. Mission sauvetage —Sophie Guerrive — Hardcover book — 24 x 32 cm — 32 pages — February 2017 — CAN$21.95



Dinosaur Detective sets off for a day of adventure. His mission is to find everyone who has gotten lost. First he flies to the old city, then to the caves, then to the Olympic Village, the museum and the jungle. And he’s not done yet! To rescue everyone in this “hunt and seek,” Dinosaur Detective needs the reader’s help: keep your eyes peeled and your powers of observation honed.




Sophie Guerrive is a comic strip author, illustrator and gallery owner in her own hometown of Marseille. She is notably known for her work Tulipe, a minimalist comic strip featuring a philosophing bear and his friends. In parallel to her refined strips, she has developed a style teeming with details inspired by medieval illumination, engraving and Japanese prints. Moustique. Mission sauvetage is her first work for children.



“Flipping through this fabulous hunt and seek is hours of fun. With their lush detail, Sophie Guerrive’s vivid, colourful illustrations catch the eye and fan the flames of curiosity.”

– Chantal Fontaine – Librairie Moderne, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


“Sophie Guerrive deftly combines a classic form, like medieval miniatures, with farcical content and decidedly modern touches.”
– Sens critique


“The pages are brimming with such detail that the richness and complexity of the worlds portrayed result in original, intricate tableaus that are the basis for Moustique’s quest.”
– Claire – Librairie La soupe de l’espace

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