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Moustique répond toujours présent - Sophie Guerrive - 20.8 x 27.3 cm - 60 pages - Hardcover book - Winter 2021- CAN$22.95



Sophie Guerrive proves once again that she is a master in the art of creating detailed graphics, endearing characters and unique stories, while finely intertwining classic and modern touches. A great title to introduce children to humorous comics.


In a series of five subtly connected adventures, all equally funny, Dinosaur Detective is called for help and he must use his amazing skills to save his friends: cows in a panic because they produce too little milk, birds too heavy to fly, sheep kidnapped and taken on the Moon, his neighbour who is trapped in the world’s deepest cave and a giraffe who has lost her crown. Fall under the spell of the absurd humour and the outrageous adventures of Dinosaur Detective!




Sophie Guerrive is a comic strip author, illustrator and gallery owner in her own hometown of Marseille. She is notably known for her work Tulipe, a minimalist comic strip featuring a philosophing bear and his friends. In parallel to her refined strips, she has developed a style teeming with details inspired by medieval illumination, engraving and Japanese prints.

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