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Balcony, Rooftop and Garden Recipes


Un an à Fleurville - Felicita Sala - 22 x 29 cm - 48 pages - April 2021 - €14

Following the international success of Au 10 rue des Jardins, Felicita Sala is back with a new book of recipes for kids, based on easy-to-grow fruit and vegetables, whether in the city or countryside! Twelve sweet or savoury dishes for each month… In the kitchen or the garden, seasonality is key! Each double page includes a large illustration of a character, showing a variety of places and different techniques for growing delicious food, and a recipe page, presented in a very visual way. The picture book ends with a big picnic scene and six non-fiction pages, with tips and ideas for planting all kinds of fruit and veg.


A Year at Fleurville is a cookbook, a mini guide to gardening, and a picture book rolled into one, celebrating the joys of coming together and sharing “edible marvels”, that are so much fun to grow.

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