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Où va Mona ? - Jérôme Ruillier - 15 x 15 cm - 28 pages - Board book - January 2019 - €12.50


Where is Mona Going? with its graphic illustrative style and ingenious use of paper, is an allegory of  the journey through childhood, in which a child shapes himself and becomes his own person. A height chart can be found on the back of the large concertina fold-out, so little ones can measure themselves and see how they’ve grown.

Where is Mona going? The path veers off from the main road, leading us into some woods, that are a little bit scary, before continuing on to some more reassuring meadows, and along the riverbanks. The next part of the journey is an invitation to explore, to follow the butterflies or skip from here to there and pick flowers. Then come the rocks to climb… When suddenly, a majestic summit covered in snow towers above. And upon reaching the top, comes the discovery that, in the distance, many more mountains remain to be conquered.  



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