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Ours d'hiver - Irène Schoch - 20 x 24.5 cm - 14.50 pages -Picture book - January 2023 -  €14.50



Like every year, at the end of autumn, Aldo the bear returns to his den, to hibernate all winter. But this time, when the first frosts arrive, he is chased from his house: someone has taken his lair! Forced to face winter for the first time ever, with no other equipment than a coat and a scarf, Aldo will discover that sometimes, during a cold winter, the smile of a friend may be more comforting than a warm chimney fire. A sensitive, colourful, subtle, and comforting winter album, to address a huge current issue and discover winter from the point of view of the homeless.




IRENE SCHOCH was born and raised in German-speaking Switzerland. She graduated in illustration from the HEAR in Strasbourg. She writes in German and French and illustrates for the press and has published many books in Switzerland and France and writes her texts in German and French. The techniques used for this book are in acrylic and cut-out paper.

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