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Pangu - Amélie Carpentier - 20 x 28 cm - Hardback cover -  64 pages - March 2019 - €17

In the beginning, there was nothing, nothing existed. The universe didn’t exist, there were no stars, no hairbrushes, no fizzy drinks, no covers, nothing. Simply nothing. And then, in the middle of nothing, there was an egg. Not a fried egg, or a scrambled egg. But an egg enclosing a little person, named Pangu. Pangu was a bit squashed because inside this egg in the middle of nothing, was everything. For millions of years, before the world came to be, time was invented, and the moon came up at night, Pangu had been sleeping…


A debut story book in the form of a fable by Amélie Carpentier, about the origins of the world.

When the egg hatches, Pangu sets to work to create the world. She sorts, divides, splits, fragments and removes: the sky, the earth, the plants, the clouds, the wood, the stones… Drawing inspiration from different myths, Amélie Carpentier creates her own vocabulary of symbolic forms and, through the theme of the origins of the world, explores the birth of death. A finely crafted text, with illustrations as dynamic and vivid as calm and contemplative, and a perfectly paced story from beginning to end.