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Panique en Egypte -  Camille Gautier & Margaux Carpentier - €14.50 - 26 x 36 cm - 48 pages - hard cover -  October 2016

Pharaoh Ramses II is the victim of a wrongful conspiracy. You are a young scribe’s apprentice, and only you may save him. Therefore, you are the one carrying out the investigation! Learn to decipher the hieroglyphs, make sure you know everything about gods and goddesses, identify the different suspects, and sort the truth out. Thanks to the tabs on the right side of the pages, you are free to choose in which order you will explore the city. From the Pharaoh’s palace to the Great Royal Temple, soon you will know Egypt like the back of your hand! There is going to be suspense, surprises and danger! And in the end, a well-kept secret to discover… This beautiful picture book develops an innovative concept, mixing interactive non-fiction, game-book, and breathless narrative.

'The illustrations are sumptuous, the inquiry is well thought-out and the story allows you to explore the history of ancient Egypt whilst having fun'

– Vibration litteraire

'An original introduction to Egyptian Mythology'
– Marie Claire

'Encouraging children to solve a mystery, learning and enjoying their historical journey as they go, is pretty much a stroke of genius... breathtakingly brilliant and original'

– Read it Daddy!

'I was completely fascinated and incredibly seduced by the ingenious quality of this original and playful creation to introduce children to Ancient Egypt... In a word: PHENOMENAL'

– Sous le Feuillage

It’s a lovely surprise, would be great as a present and is a great way to share a moment with your children. The way it piques their curiosity is absolutely brilliant – don’t hesitate to get stuck in!

– Les Sandales d’Empédocle

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