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Panique en Grèce antique - Camille Gautier & Vincent Berthou - €14.50 - 26 x 36 cm - 48 pages - hard cover - October 2018

Athens, 4 centuries B.C. Tonight, in your own house, a terrible robbery has taken place. The robbery threatens not only your family but the entire city! Indeed, you are the only one who can find the criminal so it’s you that will lead the investigation. Helped by your faithful cat Ulysses, as well as Gods Zeus, Athena and Dionysis, you will learn to decode the Greek alphabet, take part in big sporting events and question slaves, citizens and Mythical characters to sort the facts from the fiction. Watch out: there are plenty of traps to fall into and the robber is dangerous…
The tabs down the side of the book allow you to explore the city in whichever order you choose. From backstage at the theatre to the underbellies of ships, Greece will soon have no secrets left for you! There will be suspense, surprise and danger! And in the end, a dastardly thief to unveil…
This new title is a mixture of interactive non-fiction, game-book and storytelling so fast paced that you might just end up out of breath…


Italian, Russian, Czech, French & Simplified Chinese rights sold


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