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Papa aux enfers - Léon Maret - Hardcover book - 26 x 37 cm - 32 pages - February 2021 - €19.50


This morning, Daddy disappeared – in fact it was his coffee maker that disappeared, and following the thief’s footsteps, from the kitchen to the cellar, Daddy reached the Underworld! (He left us a letter, explaining everything.) Fortunately, some sort of big plush dragon took him on his back to roam the 11 Hellish Circles, always looking for a good coffee.


While crossing the Atrocious Supermarket, the Odious Library, the Repugnant Air Terminal, or the Perverse Hospital, Daddy comes across countless – and sinister – appearances. Such as a minced meat sidewalk, a cheese name generator, and even the Global Warming Santa Claus...


Léon Maret uses the ‘Seek and Find' codes to give free rein to the bubbling of his eccentric ideas. He enthusiastically takes us to his personal temple. Freedom, Absurdity and Pleasure: welcome to the Underworld by Léon Maret!

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