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Papa, Papa, papa ! - Constance Verluca, Julien Hirsinger & Anouk Ricard  - 16 x 21 cm - 32 pages - boardbook - €16 - January 2020



“Daddy, I want that big apple, but the ladder is broken. Can you lift me up?” Of course, sweetheart! This father would do anything for his son – act as a swing, a human football, or even a surfboard. His son calls and interrupts him constantly in a hilarious succession of demands, and daddy always jumps into action. But at the end of the day, when his son asks for a bedtime story, daddy does not answer… He is fast asleep on the sofa, exhausted. Luckily, he has a sweet little boy who can act as a “soft little pillow”, so that he can sleep comfortably…

The tyranny of children illustrated by the brilliant Anouk Ricard, in a hilarious (and also moving!) board book, that both children and parents will relate to.


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