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Petit fantôme - Charline Giquel - 21 x 25 cm - 36 pages - April 2018 - €18



Little ghost lives with his parents in the attic of a large manor. His parents, professional phantoms, go through the floor every night to terrorize the humans but they want him to stay in bed. One night Little Ghost disobeys and decides to haunt the humans by himself.
He fist wakes up the little girl of the house… But soon, the inexperienced little spook falls backwards into the fireplace and becomes visible. They become friends, and decide to play a trick to Little Ghost’s parents the following night.
Charline Giquel creates a story of tender and lively friendship, enhanced by pastel tones and a playful system. Transparent and invisible, the little ghost, printed with a selective varnish, becomes brilliant and visible thanks to the reflections of the light! This magical book will fascinate children.

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