Le Petit Ivan - Nickie Orfanou & Yvan Duque - 22.8 x 27.8 cm - 48 pages - April 2018 - $ 21.95

In a distant past, in a faraway kingdom, lived an old woman and an old man.

The couple was resting in front of the fireplace after a hard day’s work. ‘If only we had a child,’ sighed the old woman. ‘What a joy a child would be’ sighed the old man.

One day, the man placed a linden log under the fireplace. In the evening, a child’s voice came from under the stove: ‘Mother? Father?’ And a little boy crawled from under the stove! Filled with joy, the couple embraced the child and decided to call him Little Ivan.  Little Ivan is a modern adaptation of a Russian folktale, and features the emblematic figure of Baba Yaga. Yvan Duque’s gouache illustrations evoke the world of Miyazaki and bring a new breath to this tale that has been adapted many times.