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Petit Rockeur - Christos Ortiz et Alan Mets - 21 x 21 cm - 48 pages - Picture book - Fall 2022  - EUR 20



In the Doremi family, when Mum says, "let’s play some music”, Sidonie jumps behind the piano and Fado begins to sing. But Do, the youngest, has no interest in joining in.
“Your turn, Do!”

“My name’s not Do, it’s No! Which means NO! No, I don’t like classical music! I want to play the electric guitar!”

His family doesn’t understand, so Do, ahem No, sets off to find “real musicians”.

A story by Alan Mets that explores strong themes: differences, appearances, tolerance and a search for harmony.




Christos Ortiz, known and published under the name Christos, is a children’s book author. He was a musician in various bands (Celtic, world music, prog rock…) and lyricist for more than seventeen years. He has worked with various publishers on four picture books, ten novels and two stories for the press.


Alan Mets studied philosophy and film before becoming a children’s book author and illustrator. He has a rich and varied body of work.

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