Pipistrelli - Charlotte Pollet - 20 x 28 cm - Hardback cover - 60 pages - January 2019 - €14

Olive Pipistrelli leads a peaceful life in the forest with her friends. One day, they discover a huge egg, abandoned in the middle of a clearing. Olive suddenly feels invested with an important mission: to help the egg find its parents. The others aren’t particularly interested, so she sets off alone… A debut book by Charlotte Pollet, and a world overflowing with imagination and humour. Her modern, clear line drawings, brought to life by vivid and dynamic colours, perfectly depict her characters in constant motion, and the absurd or thrilling (or both) twists and turns in the plot. A story book showcasing a cast of highly contrasted female figures, leading the reader to question greed, fanaticism in all its absurdity, and most importantly, the power of friendship.



Stéphanie Vernet


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