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Pipistrelli, Alfa Bete Plectrude! - Charlotte Pollet - 28 x 21 cm - 72 pages - August 2021 - €15

It’s the Autumn Festival in the forest! Nobody can remember which tree the chestnut cream is buried under and Caouette has gone on holiday, but everyone’s still excited. Olive, Minuit, Mouche and Bescherelle dance the night away! When they wake up the next morning, a strange machine with infinite knowledge appears out of nowhere. Nobody knows what to think but Bescherelle is obsessed with “Plectrude” and its science. Little by little, he gets sucked into a one-way relationship with Plectrude and turns his back on his friends. As a metaphor for the Internet and its endless source of information, Plectrude makes us think… Is there any better use of knowledge than learning how to make chestnut cream pancakes and recognising poisonous mushrooms?

After her first Pipistrelli book, twice nominated at the Festival d’Angoulême and Montreuil Book Fair, Charlotte Pollet returns with a new adventure alongside her endearing character Olive Pipistrelli. A well-paced, funny story, with lively, colourful and vibrant drawings, that explores serious and current topics, such as our society’s relationship with technology and loneliness. Pipistrelli’s world is hilarious, surprising and full of inventiveness, at a child’s level.

"Pipistrelli is this year’s pleasant surprise. Charlotte Pollet’s playful heroine is the perfect character for whacky adventures, in a world created just for her. […] Surprise, enthusiasm and big childhood feelings reign supreme, with an innovative rhythm and layout.” Télérama

"Somewhere between dream and reality, Charlotte Pollet’s story is original and full of funny and off-beat situations. Enjoy Pipstrelli for her adventures and imagination!” Comixtrip