Pompon - Edouard Manceau - 48 pages, end papers incl. -16 x 16 cm
Price (book & CD): €17 - Audio book / Length: 13’
With the voice of Anvar - Music and songs : Harmonium, sitar, Jew’s harp


Two little birds discover a white pompom. When moving, the pompom makes a sound - the sound of a harmonium! And if you put a white pompom next to
another, you can draw figures: a line, a stair, a river. And yes: it creates a melody. Each pompom has a color and represents an instrument: a jew’s harp, a sitar,
a tabla… And the song appears at the end, when the tiger arrives.
Internationally acclaimed author Edouard Manceau invites us to discover how music scores work, as well as the instruments and songs from India. A wonderful trip into music and illustrations.

This book cannot be published without the CD.