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Prisonnier des glaces - couv.jpg


Prisonnier des glaces - Simon Roussin - Hardcover book - 28 x 38 cm - 48 pages - 2016 - €28.50



The celebrated aviator Ferdinand Pépin relentlessly surveys the endless icefields of the Great North. Braving the elements, he searches for traces of Charles Robinson’s vanished dirigible: after all, Helen asked him to. Helen, Robinson’s wife; Helen, the great love of his life. Alone over these cold and hostile lands, Ferdinand, out to rescue a man he hates, must first defeat his own demons. In the vein of his earlier books, Simon Roussin delivers a new adventure that brilliantly revisits the Golden Age of ‘50s Hollywood, especially reminiscent of Howard Hawks.
Broken Wings - Prisoner of the Ice is a genuine adventure yarn, equally suited to pure-hearted youngsters and older readers nostalgic for serials.
Printed in three Pantone© colours, this book could well be Roussin’s coming-of-age: his most mature comics work to date. Pursuing his artistic reinvention of the ligne claire tradition, Simon Roussin unfurls his full talent in these vast depictions of polar landscapes, pulling readers along on a harsh lonely journey to the far ends of the frozen earth.

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