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Qu’est-ce qui vit sur ton nez ? — Christian Borstlap — Hardcover book — 23.2 x 30.5 cm — 54 pages — Winter 2021 — CAN$23.95



Without microbes, we could not live. We couldn’t eat nor breathe. That is what children will learn in this second non-fiction book by acclaimed artist Christian Borstlap. A vividly illustrated documentary that contains fun facts about microbiology’s fundamentals.


Microbes are everywhere! On your nose, on your face and everything you touch. You can also find microbes deep under the ground, while others prefer to live in boiling water! Microbes are everywhere. Fortunately, they can do many amazing things for you. In fact, our whole life relies on microbes, so we are happy and lucky to have them around.




Christian Borstlap is a Dutch illustrator, designer and artistic director. He is the founder of the agency Part of a Bigger Plan, which includes clients such as Christian Dior, Apple, Vogue, Rijksmuseum and Louis Vuitton. In his creations, he tries to create bridges between different artistic disciplines. His work has won him several prizes including: nine D&AD Pencils, a Cannes Grand Prix and ADCNI prize.

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