Quand le vent souffle — Todd Stewart — Hardcover book — 24.1 x 31.75 cm — 48 pages — October 2019 — CAN$22.95


In a forest, a pine grows next to another, older, but also more mature. The two conifers have a conversation about the wind. Their dialogue spans over years, perhaps even decades. Together, these trees celebrate the benefits of the wind and deplore, occasionally, the damages it can cause. Over time, the younger pine gets taller and gains confidence in himself. He gradually finds his own place in the world and becomes aware of his destiny. Quand le vent souffle is a poetic and philosophical dialogue about the cycle of life.


Todd Stewart is an illustrator and artist from Saskatchewan. Self-taught, he has been directing a silkscreen workshop in Montreal since 2004. His printed works show his acute sense of composition and his great mastery of color. To create Quand le vent souffle, the first album he designed as an author, Stewart wanted to integrate is own writing into his visual works.

English (US and Canada), Korean, and Simplified Chinese rights sold.