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Qui veut jouer avec Pierre ? - Léa Decan - 24.5 x 29 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - January 2023 - €17

It is raining today. At home, Peter is a bit bored. He goes to see his brother in his room, but he’s busy with his homework. Peter suddenly has an idea when he sees all these books and notebooks on the desk: he is going to build the biggest of castles. But ka-boom! All the books end up on the floor and Peter is chased out of the room. He then goes to the kitchen to help his dad who’s baking a cake.... but that's a catastrophy as well! Finally, Peter decides he’s rather play alone in his room, and in turn, he does not want to be disturbed...

A delicious and tender book about games, the power of imagination and going wild, which will amuse the children a lot: an explosion of flour, a downpour of foam in the bathroom, a car circuit on the back of the cat… The characters of Léa Decan (Cultura prize for her picture book Où va le chat ?) are very expressive and the rhythmic structure connects the skits.


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