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Rita la poule veut un bébé  - May Angeli - 2016 - 3 years and up - 21 x 24 cm - 32 p. - hardcover - 14 €


A witty picturebook on a theme close to children’s hearts: the arrival of a new baby.

Rita wants a baby. The idea fills her with joy so as soon has she lays an egg she sings! And Irma the farmer comes and collects her egg…

Finally she decides to lay her egg quietly and out of Irma’s way, a ways further by the cats have their playground. Beware she warns them both her beak and her claws are sharp. By day Rita keeps and eye on her egg but by night she must return to the hen house. There the very idea of her baby left to the mercy of any lurking danger gives her the nightmares. So when on her next visit she finds only egg shells her heart is filled with angst.


Will Rita find her little baby?



'A lovely story Maternal love, instinct and also fears, really beautifully illustrated.'

 – Revue des livres pour enfants


'Superb illustrations - the printed woodcuts are highly detailed and beautifully coloured.'

 – Opa livres

'A touching and tender story... marvellously rendered by the wood-cut prints and the blue, orange and ochre tones.'

 – Bibliothèque Germaine Tillon

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