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Sale temps pour les licornes - Mickaël El Fathi & Charlotte Molas - 22 x 29 cm - 32 pages - €14.50 - February 2020



Whatever happened to the last of the unicorns? Captured by a hunter in Siberia, then traded to sailors and used to harpoon whales. Adopted by a duelling aristocrat, used as a spear, before being handed over to an athlete and used to break pole-vaulting records… Passed from hand to hand, the unicorn serves as a passkey for a burglar, a star in the circus (for the famous unicorn throwing act), a coat rack, a lightning rod or a pneumatic drill. Until, fortunately, a kind person takes the unicorn back to the taiga, to disappear and be happy and free. So many twists and turns!


A fast-paced picture book with action from one page to the next, and a funny, offbeat and fantastical take on the unicorn theme.


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