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Silence ! — Céline Claire & Magali Le Huche — Hardcover book — 21.5 x 28.5 cm — 56 pages — August 2018 — CAN$21.95



Mr. Martin enjoys tranquility. He likes to drink his coffee in silence, read his newspaper quietly, and take a nap in peace. Yes, Mr. Martin loves silence more than anything else. His neighbours know this, but they easily forget. So much so that the noise they make hurts Mr. Martin's ears. One day, he decides to take matters into his own hands.




Céline Claire was born in the Vosges. She started by teaching in primary school. There, telling stories every day inspired her and soon she wanted to invent new ones. Ten years and three children later, she now devotes herself entirely to writing. She has written many picture books and children's novels, released by Bayard, Circonflexe and Le Rouergue, among others.


Magali Le Huche was born in Paris. After studying illustration in Strasbourg, she returned to Paris, where she has illustrated more than forty children's books, some of which she also wrote. She frequently gives art workshops to children.




“With Silence!, Céline Claire offers us a radiant picture book with the power to unveil the impression of well-being that keeps us mutually isolated and alone. A whole world is teeming with life in this book. It’s an ode to humans who enjoy themselves, live, and are a part of ‘the small melody of life.”

–Marie Fradette –


“With its wonderfully nuanced illustrations, Silence! is a book of outstanding quality.”

– Réjean Blais – Radio-Canada


“The book's detailed illustrations will satisfy readers as much as Mr. Martin's grouchiness!” 

– Revue Les libraires

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