Sport-O-Rama — Benoit Tardif — Hardcover book — 19.3 x 24 cm — 56 pages — June 2014 — CAN$21.95


24 featured sports, all presented in the form of expressive and colorful vignettes, are there to be discovered or rediscovered. Learn keywords about equipment, grounds, and games. Rowing, badminton, baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling, horseback riding, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, judo, marathon, swimming, skating, diving, bowling, pole vaulting, skiing, soccer, tennis, sailing, volleyball.

Benoit Tardif studied graphic design, but he is above all an illustrator whose style is deeply colorful and singular. Since 2010, he works as an artistic director and co-owner of the publisher Éditions de ta Mère. He has created dozens of book covers as well as several editorial illustrations. In 2014, he wrote and illustrated Sport-O-Rama, his first children's book (Comme des géants).

English (Canada and US), Simplified Chinese and Russian rights sold