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Ssserpent - Chamo, colored by ____ - 24.16 x 16 cm - 56 pages - Hardback book - Summer 2019- €17


"Hi! Before we get started, I should warn you… This story is about the adventures of a really annoying Sssnake. I was so sick of it that I left the book in black and white. I’m counting on you to colour it in for me. I know that you’ll do your best and that it will be very pretty. Thanks, Chamo. NB: To the adult who will read this book aloud, please give the Snake the voice it deserves… shrill and a bit rude. While I would like mine to be soft and melodious.”
Here, the author is also the narrator of the tale. She imagines a fable whose main character is a snake. A sort of horrible but funny anti-hero. Together they tell a story that constantly changes according to the whims of one and the inspiration of the other. The children’s book, its structure and its moralist prerogatives are all turned upside down…

After graduating from the Ecole Duperré in textiles, CHAMO went to study in Berlin and focus on illustration. When she returned to Paris, she created L’Articho with Yassine de Vos. They have worked on lots of different collective projects together, such as free markets, children’s parties, workshops, exhibitions, events and books. She also worked in a bookshop and directed collections for Les Fourmis Rouges and Les Requins Marteaux. Today, she mainly focuses on her publishing house, L’Articho and has finally rediscovered her role as an author and illustrator with SSSerpent.

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