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Toonzie - Xavier Bouyssou - 18 x 25 cm - 256 pages - Graphic novel - September 2022 - EUR 25



Toonzie is going to die soon. Only a handful of followers remain at the guru’s side at his luxurious villa in San Bernardino, Coolifornia. The death of their prophet will be a terrible loss, but also a celebration because all of humanity will be “toonzified”: everyone will be able to discover their Toon and live in harmony with it, proving to the world that Toonzie was right. For the prophesy to come true, Toonzie must die peacefully. While the last disciples try to ease the old man’s suffering, tax man Adam Miller is determined to make his last few days hell…

In this masterfully written debut book, Xavier Bouyssou proves that comics are the only true medium to save humanity. Readers, let yourselves be guided by the Master, you’ll never be the same again…




Xavier Bouyssou hesitated for many years between a career in campsite entertainment and his destiny as a comic book illustrator. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse and then the Ecole Saint-Luc in Brussels, he was able to do both. While publishing hilarious comic strips on his Instagram account, he perfected his fancy-dress skills over the summer. His first book, Toonzie, has made the decision easy for this unconditional Carl Barks amateur… Xavier Bouyssou is the future of comic books.

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