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Tout le monde a un teckel sauf moi - Charlotte Pollet - 24 x 32 cm - 48 pages - Picture book - April 2023 - €18

Is life worth living without a dachshund? Assa wonders in despair. Everyone has a dachshund except her! Or is she the one seeing dachshunds everywhere?
After two comic strip volumes about of the initiatory adventures of Pipistrelli and her group of friends, here is Charlotte Pollet’s first illustrated picture book, about the thoughts of a little girl passionate about dachshunds. Her fascination is so big that the funny dog appears sneakily in all the images, until it blends in where you least expect it, thanks to a game with shapes that allows it to stay camouflaged.
Through a story full of visual finds, the author tackles the complicated relationship one can have with trends and the ephemeral in an offbeat way. In an amazing ending, she shows us that the source of happiness can be something completely different from what we were obsessed with at the beginning!


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