Tulipe / Les voyages de Tulipe / Tulipe et les sorciers

- Sophie Guerrive - 15.6 x 20 cm - 160 pages - 2016, 2017, 2019 -  €15

Tulip the Bear leans against his tree and watches his friends bustling about… Crocus the Snake is keeping active to combat his anxiety, Violette the Bird is trying to find a way to contact her sweetheart the Sun, and Caillou the Stone is sad to be just a stone. Life? A series of big and little problems. But as Crocus says, there’s nothing like pancakes to make everything better.

A tender fable, with hairy, feathery, and scaly existential questions about life. The hyperactive Crocus, the shy mole Dahlia, the stoic bear Tulip… Each of them experiences impossible love and aspires to a more fulfilled existence. Following in the footsteps of Peanuts or Mafalda, Sophie Guerrive creates endearing characters, each symbolising a human frailty.

Tulip is the reflection of our anxieties, follies, and greatness, depicted with sublime and absurd texts, in the style of Nasr Eddine Hodja, in which the figures of the Savant, Poet and Idiot merge together.