Couv-Musée (Conflit lié au codage Unicod

FR: Un après-midi au musée  - Cachetejack - €18  - 21 x 25 cm - 36 pages - hard cover - Octobre 2018

Here is the first children’s book of the famous poster duo Cachetejack! This original and clever picture book offers an earliest awareness of modern art.
Today, Tibó visits the museum with his uncle Enrico. In the hall, there is a giant Calder mobile. It looks like the cradle of his little brother, think Tibó. And this cut-paper painting reminds him the cuttings he made at school ... Enrico explains to his nephew that it is a painting by Matisse. Tibó is now very eager to pee and bumps into the toilets, in a room of the museum. But Enrico stops him and explains that it is a work of Marcel Duchamp, an artist who led everyone to reconsider art. Dali, the Fauves, Pollock, Malevich...Tibó discovers some great names of the history of art.
This humorous and graphic book proposes a crossing in the art of the twentieth century through a dozen major artists.