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Un si petit jouet - Irène Cohen-Janca & Brice Postma Uzel - 21 x 21 cm - 32 pages - Picture book - September 2022 - EUR 14.50


Little toys are great. They can fit into your hand, or in your pocket. In this sensitive first-person narrative, a little girl tells us about her doll called Leo. If the war were to start again, she could take Leo with her… Not like Noki, the stuffed bear who didn’t fit in her suitcase and who she had to leave behind when the war planes invaded her country’s skies. She makes a friend in her new school, Flora, who has a doll as little as Leo in her hand. “Did you have to leave your home behind, too?” she asks. “No,” Flora replies. “My parents are separated and now I have two houses. So it’s easier to go from one to the other with my little Pipa.” Friendship, games, toys… This graphic and timeless picture book subtly brings to life the things that are important to children and resonates all the more in these times of war.




Irène Cohen-Janca was born in Tunis and came to France at the age of 7. After graduating with a master’s degree in Modern Literature, she became a library curator. She has written several novels and picture books with an accurate and serious tone, including the multi-award-winning Ruby tête haute.

Brice Postma Uzel is a versatile artist: graphic designer, illustrator, painter, silk-screen printer, and art teacher. He is self-taught, with lots of references and interests, such as art books, ceramics, photography, video, scenography and… old toys.

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