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Une histoire d'amour - Édouard Manceau - 16 x 16 cm - 48 pages - Picture book - August 2022 - EUR 18



A clarinet sets off into the world, following her grandmother’s advice. Along the way, she meets some nice percussion instruments and a ukulele who becomes her friend. But it’s not the same story with the accordion. It’s… a love story. A beautiful book to evoke musical composition with children from a very young age!


Ever since he was a child, there is one thing that Édouard Manceau loves above all else: telling stories. Whether to children during his travels, his neighbours or… in books! He won the Prix Libbylit in 2014, the Prix Sorcières in 2015 and the CLEL Award in the USA in 2016. Ever after a hundred or so books, he continues to take great pleasure in playing with pictures and words to bring new stories to life.


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