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Vacances en famille - Yohan Colombié-Vivès - 22.5 x 32 cm - 32 pages - October 2020 - €16


It’s the beginning of the winter holidays, and all of Lucas’ problems. When he steps off the train, he loses his family in the crowded station. And so, begins a game to find everyone - grandpa on the ski slopes, daddy in the cabin, mummy in the hot springs, little brother exploring a cave, grandma by the frozen lake, big sister at an Eskimo village… They all find each other at last, but oh no! Grandpa has lost a ski, daddy his backpack, mummy her hat, little brother his robot… Quick, go back to the beginning and find everything that is missing. A clever Seek & Find book set in the mountains, to read twice - first to find the characters, and then the objects they lost… Family Holidays is also a beautiful and fun picture book, with a real story!


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