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Violette contre Diablot1 - Émilie Clarke - 17 x 23 cm - 144 pages - Graphic Novel - August 2022 - €18



It’s Violette and her friends’ first day at secondary school! Violette soon becomes a bit of a celebrity at school, thanks to her trusty magic glasses that give her the power to see what is invisible to others. She also discovers the joys and more or less pleasant changes that go with growing up. But a new enemy suddenly pops up on her phone… Grimlin1, an anonymous cyberbully, is blackmailing Violette using a photo taken of her without her knowledge! And he steals her glasses! Will she manage to reveal his identity?

With the same lively, funny and colourful style that made her first comic book so successful, Emilie Clarke subtly explores the questions, uncertainties and discoveries that arise during the transition into adolescence. Violette and her friends navigate school life as best as they can, and try to overcome heartbreaks, bullying and boring maths classes. A magical story, even without Violette’s glasses!



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