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Yahho Japon ! - Eva Offredo - 19.5 x 26 cm - 56 pages - Mars 2021 - €18



Tsuyu is a miller. She grows buckwheat to make Soba noodles. Chawan gives broken objects a new lease of life, using the Kintsugi method. Uchimuzu is a scientist who collects moss and studies it… This non-fiction picture book takes the reader from the North to the South of the Japanese archipelago, presenting 8 strong and passionate women, living their childhood dreams through their work. Farming, repairing, making, studying, healing, fighting, questioning… Whatever their job, these 8 Japanese women enjoy completing their daily tasks with a great deal of humility. Through these profiles, Eva Offredo, the author, gracefully and subtly portrays an authentic and modern Japan, far from the usual clichés. She embarks the reader on a wonderful journey alongside courageous and inspiring women. An ode to simplicity and happiness, and an immersion into Japanese culture.



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