A chaque pied sa chaussure - Davide Cali & Cecilia Campironi - 22 x 29 cm - 32 pages - January 2018 - €14

Sandwich shoes or shoes-in-love, Robinson-shoes or shoes ice-cube: which pair will be for you?

Let’s discover a whole range of unsuspected slippers and boots: the banana shoe to feign indifference and get away with a pirouette, the shoe vroom-vroom to go from the sofa to the bathroom without leaving one's car, the dictator’s shoe to be carried by the crowd…
This crazy and hilarious picture book features Davide Cali’s fanciful and poetic lyrics and Cecila Campironi’s delirious illustrations.

Born in 1972, Davide Cali started his career as a cartoonist and comic book script writer. He began writing children’s books in 1998 and has since published a dozen titles, translated in over 30 countries. His illustrated picture books have also been adapted for theatre in France, Italy, Belgium and Japan a number of times.

Cecilia Campironi was born in Milan, grew up in Rome and currently lives in Turin. She graduated from the European Institute of Design. She works as a children’s books illustrator and also frequently collaborates with other illustrators, authors, editors, architects, graphic designers, singers and booksellers.