The Picture Book Agency is a French publishers agency, founded in 2013 by Stéphanie Vernet. The agency represents French publishers abroad - we aim to introduce exceptional books that stand out for their content as well as their form – surprising, awakening, entertaining objects.  

The children’s book and comic publishers  promoted share the same aims:  create and distribute exceptional publishing for its spirit, creativity and originality, guide the readers through their discoveries, arouse children’s curiosity and stimulate their sensitivity to the aesthetics of books and images. Our publishers pay very special attention to the book-making process as it is at the heart of their project; therefore, the agency is also specialised in international co-editions. 

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L’Agrume is a publishing house focused on contemporary illustration, and was established in 2012 by Guillaume Griffon and Chloé Marquaire. They publish comics and children's books. The Agrume children's books are created as playful and attractive works of art. Highly poetic and colourful, they offer children new reading experiences.

These books can be manipulated and read in various ways which stimulate the senses and arouse curiosity in both children and adults. They captivate the reader by their originality and creativity. 


benjamins media has been creating audio books for a very very long time. Our specialties: stylized illustrations, funny – and meaning! – stories, high quality books printed on offset paper. As for the audio, no sound effects but soundscapes (the sound makes sense). We work with talented and renowned authors such as Alan Mets, Aurélie Guillerey, Marie Nimier, Delphine Chedru, Ramona Badescu, Édouard Manceau, Michaël Escoffier... Whatever his age, the child finds a size of book that fits perfectly to him: « S » if he’s a toddler, « M » if he’s less than 6 years and « L » if he can read. benjamins media, it’s 2 editors, in place for nearly 16 years. Rudy, the director, Ludovic, the artist of benjamins media. We have very different backgrounds: cartoon for Ludovic and radio for Rudy, but the same goal: edit children’s literature of high quality for all children.


Every month Biscoto stands up for a daring, independent and audacious press by offering children a thematic newspaper full of surprising ideas and images. Biscoto explores graphic territories and makes them accessible for the younger ones.  Biscoto is aimed at everybody! We defend antisexist and antiracist values and we make sure that genders are represented equally. During the Angoulême International Comics Festival, Biscoto's approach received the « Fauve de la BD Alternative », a prize which rewards an alternative comic artist or project. Since 2017, Biscoto also publishes beautiful, funny and clever books!


Comme des géants is a young independent publishing house dedicated to children's books. It is located in Varennes, Quebec. Comme des géants wishes to spark children's interest in literature, storytelling, and illustration so that the discovery of a book is something they'll want to repeat. Comme des géants' mission is to develop children's passion for books. The titles published by the house stand out for their narrative, literary, and graphic qualities. Even though fictional work is at the core of its publishing program, Comme des géants is open to varying types of illustrated books, ranging from comics to word books and non-fiction books.


Since 1991, the leading series in France to discover art. More than 200 issues published and 10 000 copies sold per issue. 9 high quality issues per year, dealing with a wide range of topics, from ancient to contemporary art. DADA is distributed through bookshops and by subscription, and is very present in schools and libraries. Dada now publishes beautiful non-fiction books!


Elephants are strong, graceful, and intelligent and have an enduring memory.  They also symbolize wisdom and longevity.  Les Éditions des Éléphants is a publishing house that aims to embody all of the above qualities. Powerful fiction and nonfiction, stories that need to be told, picture books, nonfiction with a twist, all our books give prominence to traditional illustrative mediums such as ink, etching, engraving, or traditional Chinese painting and showcase high quality graphics.


Le Lièvre de Mars republishes out of print books and texts that were initially published over the last six decades. The idea behind this project is to give selected, classics or lesser-known works, a new life. Our mission is to preserve, reissue (or republish) and distribute works of children’s literature, from around the world, that have been acclaimed for their strong literary and artistic merit. Founded by Nadine Robert, cofounder of publishing house Comme des géants, the idea grew out of her enthusiasm for past works of children’s literature and her desire to reintroduce them to young readers and their parents. 


Maison Georges is a publishing house with a singular journey. It started to publish Georges, an innovative bookzine for kids. Next came the adventure of the first picture books and comics.

The books and magazines share a common approach, both ambitious and playful, and an elegant but dynamic graphic design. Georges, that’s also an unconventional tone and a happy and joyful world. Georges is fascinated by contemporary illustration, by design, by typography, and the staff is working on every project with the greatest care. More than anything they believe in the natural curiosity of children. That’s why they offer them new aesthetic and editorial horizons.


Illustrated novels? For adults? Yes we can! Tishina's Collection is made of illustrated editions of famous contemporary novels, in which images and words, face to face, offer new stories.


4048: a collection devoted to children! Illustrated picture books, comic books; carefully chosen titles, published at a steady pace; books by authors and stories full of adventure, energy or humour: 2024 still going what it does best, with a desire to reach out to younger readers.