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Since 1991, the leading series in France to discover art. More than 200 issues published and 10 000 copies sold per issue. 9 high quality issues per year, dealing with a wide range of topics, from ancient to contemporary art. DADA is distributed through bookshops and by subscription, and is very present in schools and libraries.

1. An artist / a thematic
A different artist / artistic thematic in each issue. Clear and playful texts - A rich iconography (32 pages)
2. Workshops
Getting into practice! Two workshops in each issue. An initiation to various
techniques: drawings, collage, paintings, sculptures... (4 pages)
3. « Abcd’art »
Understanding key words - A detailed glossary. A reference tool and funny anecdotes (2 pages)
4. My image gallery
Collecting illustrations - A different illustrator invited in each issue - Three beautiful illustrations, linked to the thematic of the issue (6 pages)

'Our top pick! An amazing decoding of the artists’ universe'

 – Canal +


'A well thought out art history. A must-have!'

 – Elle

'This art magazine is so clever that it would be a pity to leave it only in children’s hands!'

 – 20 Minutes

'As far as art is concerned, DADA has no limit!'

 – Vogue

'A tremendous decoding, both graphic and playful'

 – Studio Cine Live



Stéphanie Vernet