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A l'autre bout de la Chine - Léa Decan - 25 x 31 cm - 48 pages - October 2021 - €16.50



At 6am in Beijing, the sun rises over the city. On the 36th floor of a building, a little boy wakes up. To get to school, he has to take a bus from one end of the city to the other – and he’s tired of all the commotion!

On the other side of China, the sound of a rooster crowing echoes through the mountains and a little girl wakes up to go to school. The path there is long and difficult, winding through the trees. In the evening, when their parents return home exhausted from work, they decide to go on holiday - to the countryside for the boy and to the city for the girl. What a discovery! Everything is different there - the people, getting about, even the toilets... At the end of the holiday, the two children cross paths at a train station. They play together and promise to always think of each other from the other side of China.

A universal picture book about the city and the countryside, told through two children’s eyes.




Léa Decan travelled a lot as a child between France, where her father is from, and China, where her mother is from. After studying music, she decided to settle in Brussels to study Illustration at ESA Saint-Luc. Her first picture book, Où va le chat ?, won several awards in France, including the 2020 ‘Prix Cultura’.

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