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Au fil du temps - Guillaume Olive & He Zihong - 21 x 26 cm - 32 pages - January 2021 - €14



A simple and gentle picture book to explore the concept of time with little ones. “It’s time to get up,” the mummy says to her little girl. But what does time mean?

The little girl takes a poetic stroll and asks the lark, the lily, the tree, the mountain and the river, but they all see time differently. Time is a moment, a day, a season, but time is also eternity, like this mother’s love for her daughter. The philosophical notion of time is difficult for little ones to understand, but it is portrayed here simply, delicately and poetically through He Zhihong’s Chinese-style paintings. The picture book begins with the little girl waking up and ends with her going to bed, as the mother tells her daughter that she loves her and always will.

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