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Capitaine Mulet - Sophie Guerrive - Hardcover book - 17 x 24 cm - 232 pages - 2016 - €25


Captain Mulet has been given a great honor. The King of France has granted him a ship, a crew, and a mission that will lead him to the ends of the earth. A mission of exploration? Nothing could be less certain: it might well be exile in disguise…
Braving seas and storms, Mulet discovers terra incognita. Shall he claim it in the name of the King, or found his own kingdom there? A long journey through a madcap Middle Ages begins for our naïve yet enthusiastic hero, one that will lead him from the King’s dungeon to the palace of an Oriental pasha…
Like Don Quixote, Mulet perceives his epic escapades only through the scrim of his own fantasies: the Sahara desert becomes a sea of rocks, and the peasants of Gascony the Atlantes of the Atlas Mountains. This briskly paced adventure is told with humor and poetry alike, and we wander, delighted, from endearing characters to farfetched digressions, borne on the good Captain’s gentle madness. A graduate of the Institute of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, Sophie Guerrive has created an eccentric universe at once kindhearted and absurd, a cross between between Peanuts and an illuminated manuscript.


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