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Caracole et la nuit ensoleillée  - Louise Drul - Hardcover book - 20 x 29 cm - 92 pages - April 2022 - €18.50


A strange little village on stilts rises above the forest. The villagers never come down because they’re scared of the forest spirits. To get food, they spray the treetops with a chemical potion to make the fruit grow, and then lean down to pick them. But one night, the sun never sets… And the villagers can’t get to sleep! So, Caracole, a brave little girl, decides to climb down and talk to the tree spirits. They explain that they want to punish the humans for stealing all the fruit. To bring the night back, Caracole has to find the moon eater, who lies beneath a beautiful lake…

A great adventure, a long story, and a strong character, in a dreamlike world full of fantasy, between Roald Dahl and Miyazaki… A debut picture book by a talented young author. Extraordinary!




Louise Drul graduated from the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2015. She illustrates magazines, books and comics. Caracole et la nuit ensoleillée is her first picture book for children. She also creates cyberspace cartographies. Her work has been exhibited in various institutions such as the Kunst Halle in Vienne or the Gaité Lyrique in Paris. She teaches at the Campus de la Fonderie de l’Image, on the Creative Direction Masters.

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