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Le Club des amis- Sophie Guerrive - 18 x 23 cm - 56 pages - September 2020 - €12



“Watch out for cars and bad guys!” Crocus the snake gives his mummy a cuddle and sets off on an adventure… Along the way, he finds hazelnuts, apples, mushrooms, and makes a friend, Tulip the bear cub. The winter will be much nicer together, and the Rude Monster a lot less scary. Then, Violette the bird has a great idea… to set up a “friendship club”! In these short stories, the three little friends discover the world and grow up side by side. Who says “cric-crac-croc” when Spring comes? And what should they do when Tulip disappears? Their friendship grows stronger with each little challenge… and when things get too scary, Tulip’s mummy and her hazelnut tarts are never far! Sophie Guerrive brings her emblematic and endearing characters from “Tulipe” (3 volumes), a series for adults, back to life, and explores their childhood in a sweet book for young readers.



Le Club des amis 2 - Sophie Guerrive - 18.2 x 25.2 cm - 56 pages - October 2021 - €14

"Mummy told me to beware of cars and bad guys… but not monsters!” When you’re in the Friends Club, you never say no to an adventure. So, when the gentle rain turns into a downpour, and their cave and the whole world are covered in water, Tulipe, Violette & Crocus bravely take on the floods... And even though they’re far from home, in the middle of winter, and worried about their mummies (who stayed behind, on the other side of the snowy mountains), they can always count on each other. Together, they learn how to make a den, fly, climb mountains, and occasionally glance back at their family home as it moves further away… in other words, grow up.


After Le Club des Amis, awarded the ‘Fauve Jeunesse’ in 2021 at the Festival d’Angoulême, Sophie Guerrive’s new book is full of inventiveness, suspense and emotion. A gem of a children’s book.


Le Club des amis 3 - Sophie Guerrive - 18.2 x 25.2 cm - 56 pages - March 2023 - €14

The coldness of winter has suddenly fallen upon the Friends Club, with only a very poor cabin as a haven. Suddenly stuck in the snow, they have no real shelter. Tulip, Crocus and Violet therefore go looking for another house, through the dark and cold woods, and find refuge in a cave. It's not very reassuring, especially since a big scary bear lives there and forces them to flee into the forest. The friends separate without meaning to and Tulip disappears, once again! With the help of Spring, the sky clears up, the hills emerge, and a house appears in the distance. Violet and Crocus master up courage, go knock on the door, and discover Tulip! The three friends embrace each other, but Tulip is no longer quite the same: she does not want Violette and Crocus to return to the house. Could this be the end of the Friends Club?
It's always a pleasure to reunite with the characters of Sophie Guerrive, undoubtedly the cutest and most endearing in children's comics! This time, seeing them grow and move away from the nest, the reader will be seized with deep concern. Just like watching real children grow up!



Sophie Guerrive is a comic strip author, illustrator and gallery owner in her own hometown of Marseille. She is notably known for her work Tulipe, a minimalist comic strip featuring a philosophing bear and his friends. In parallel to her refined strips, she has developed a style teeming with details inspired by medieval illumination, engraving and Japanese prints. 

"The Friend’ Club -A concentrate of regressive sweetness to slip into autumn. Sophie Guerrive takes the characters from her series "Tulip", and takes an interest in their young years in a book as heartwarming as elegant, perfect to warm the hearts of children and their parents. For children aged 5 and +."
– Télérama

“We quietly enter the cave of Tulip and his mother ready for winter, and we curl up alongside the teddy bear quickly joined by his new friends. For naps as delicious as honey toast, for walks full of mystery under the mountain, or scary stories about the strange creatures announcing spring. Without denying the originality of her tone, nor sacrificing adventure at all costs, Sophie Guerrive has succeeded in investing a new field in her world, dedicated to curious children in search of stories that evoke more than they highlight. We want more!”
– Bodoï 

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