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Couché - Vincent Mathy- 17.5 x 10 cm - 64 pages - Hardback book - September 2020 - €14


This beautiful little book’s horizontal format brings to mind the lying down position. Lying Down is a unique picture book, an inventory of people lying down. From the cradle to the grave, on the tarmac, in bed, in a boxing ring, or on the beach… An observation of life while lying down. The illustrations play off each other: someone camping in a tent and a homeless person in the streets, a truck driver in his cab and a migrant in the lorry’s hold… They’re all lying down for very different reasons. Vincent Mathy is sometimes light-hearted, often funny, at times tender, trivial, or tragic, and always playful.
Lying Down is a wonderful little book for little ones, but Vincent Mathy’s illustrated message goes much further and shows how powerful images can be. A universal book that can be read on different levels, at once fun and moving.

VINCENT MATHY was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1971. He is a renowned children’s book illustrator. He also co-wrote the comic book Ludo with Pierre Bailly, published by Dupuis. He cofounded Jungle, a festival in Liège (Albin-Michel, Bayard, Milan, Lito...)

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