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Dautremer et vice versa - Rebecca Dautremer & Taï-Marc Le Thanh  - 29 x 32 cm - 160 pages - hard cover - €39


Rébecca Dautremer’s new artbook!
When Rébecca opens her drawer, her notebooks and portfolios, we rediscover the characters and settings from her most beautiful books. But her world does not stop there. Over the past few years, she has worked on one mad project after the next, for the theatre, press, film animation, and even auction houses… Imagine wooden birds hanging from a theatre’s ceiling, oversized pencil drawn portraits, multicoloured posters covering the walls of a festive city... When Rébecca Dautremer opens up her drawers to her partner, author Taï-Marc Le Thanh, we discover, through a funny and private dialogue, the work of a prolific all-rounded artist, forever seeking out new challenges.
2 covers, 2 books in one?
A book with two beginnings, retracing the duality of her artistic world, between dreams and reality. The concept is simple; two covers – so no front and no back – and two books that meet in the middle with a never-before-seen illustration.



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