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Heartbreak Valley - Simon Roussin - Hardcover book - 25 x 32 cm -80 pages - 2013 - €21.80



On this day, Heartbreak Valley will be the site of the longest solar eclipse in human history. Eliot Parsley is a private eye; for too long now, he’s been looking for the mysterious Jenny Moore, and this is where his investigation has brought him. He mingles with the crowd of onlookers come to witness the one-of-a-kind sight, but when the time comes to continue on his way, he runs into endless darkness. Light has returned to only one place on earth: Heartbreak Valley. Everywhere else, shadows reign, plunging men into madness. The detective begins a journey through this apocalyptic world. At the same time, an escaped con hell-bent on revenge sows death everywhere he goes, seeing in every passing stranger the man who murdered his wife and children… Throughout the book, past and present intertwine, blinding us, all the better to lock us in the mindset of our troubled narrator. The obsessions of each character end up coming together in a story reminiscent of classic Hollywood noir.
After The Great Adventure of Lemon Jefferson, Simon Roussin leaves his beloved coloured markers behind for a harsh, bitter tale of overlapping layers, spinning a strange reality of classic comics reflected in a mirror darkly, filtered through nostalgia, violence, and disturbing poetry.



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