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L'Incroyable famille Zapato - Julie Brouant -  23 x 32 cm - 32 pages - €18 - October 2016


This little girl really does have an incredible family. They all work in the circus, showing off their unique talents. Her brother is a talented juggler – just move the image to see the balls sail through the air. Her sister uses the ribbons, her father trains elephants and her mother performs on a balance board. But, no matter how hard she tries, the little girl never succeeds at anything. She thinks she has no talent. Fortunately, her mother reminds her that she is good at one thing: making people laugh. So she decides to be a clown. This magical book features kinegrams: by moving the overlay, the images come to life, as if by magic. Children contribute to the book’s plot, while learning more about various circus professions: jugglers, tightrope walkers, animal tamers, musicians and magicians.

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