La Montagne - Anne-Hélène Dubray - 30 x 39,5 cm - 28 pages - October 2017 - € 20

This mountain is on every double page – immutable element of the picture book, it becomes the witness of the passage of time. It looks majestic, surrounded by luxuriant nature and by diplodocus, stegosaurus and pterosaurs. Over the pages, landscape evolves. Soon the dinosaurs disappear; the megafauna reigns and great apes stand up on their two legs. Then the men arrive: some hunt the mammoth, some fish in the river. A civilisation is created in the very first city. As the city spreads, nature is nibbled by more and more buildings. Wild animals hide away in the heights of the mountain. Nowadays, it is in the cinema that we will see the dinosaurs… This very large and coloured picture book is highly detailed.