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La cata — Angèle Delaunois & Alain Pilon — Hardcover book — 21.6 x 27.8 cm — 40 pages — September 2018 — CAN$20.95



Doing silly things is no big deal. When I play in puddles, dig holes in the lawn and draw on the walls of my room, there's no reason for drama. Those are small blunders or harmless mistakes. But sometimes, things do go wrong... and then it's really CATAstrophic!




Angèle Delaunois explores all forms of literature: short stories, narratives, novels, tales, picture books, documentaries, biographies and poetry. Her books reach very young children, teenagers and even adults. In 2004, she founded the Éditions de l'Isatis, a children's literature publisher targeting specific reading niches. She also works as the director of this house.


Alain Pilon lives in Montréal. He is a designer and illustrator. His clients are The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Baffler, M le magazine du Monde, and XXI magazine, among others. His illustrations have won him several awards. Fair, funny and sensitive, his drawings combine light strokes and delicate colors and they often feature everyday situations in a fun way.



“Humor and poetry intertwine in this lovely and wonderfully illustrated text.”

- Mona Lacasse - Les Méconnus

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