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La Journée extraordinaire de Zéphyr et Frisounet - Caroline Dall'Ava - 22.5 x 32 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - October 2022 - EUR 16.50


Zephyr the mouse and Frisounet the dog are very hungry and sets off in search of a snack. But Frisounet soon loses sight of Zephyr ! Quick, he has to find her… And so begins a journey through surprising and wonderful landscapes, from everyday settings (the house, the road), to imaginary places. On each page, the text of the story is on the left and the visual elements to look for in the pictures is on the right. This game-book in the form of a high-speed chase, plunges the reader into a story full of twists and turns, set in lots of different worlds: underground, space, the future, the past, the world of fairy tales… Complete with large illustrations full of details, with clear strokes and bright contrasted colours.




Caroline Dall’Ava was born in 1982. She graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (now HEAR) and works regularly with French and foreign publishers and children’s magazines. She also enjoys working on joint projects with the ceramist Yoko Homareda and runs workshops for children in schools. 

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