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La Mer à boire - Blutch - 22.9 x 29.2 cm - 80 pages - Hardback cover - November 2022 - €26.50


• Sumptuous direct ink-coloured illustrations pages, in which two people look for each other, come together and shape themselves…

• After La Volupté, or C’était le bonheur, Blutch celebrates romantic encounter, in a romance shot through with a sense of urgency, experienced at a breathless pace

B is looking for A: travelling through Brussels-City hesitantly, ignoring the advice of a wise old man. A is looking for B: a tomboy in a horse-drawn carriage, deaf to a fellow traveller’s warnings. At Hotel Metropolis, A is hiding under the name of Incartade. B, tied to a post, captured by Native Americans from the movies, can only watch as she disappears into the horizon. Their search continues until finally, they find each other and fall madly and deeply in love.

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